Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Leftover Christmas

A little bit of this and that from our holiday adventures.
We made our own salt dough ornaments from THIS recipe.  Super easy bytheway.
Such a fun and cheap way to get a memorable keepsake. 
Santa's beard didn't turn out quite as well as I would have hoped. 
Maybe he'll get a new coat of acrylic paint next year (I only had washable on hand)

Headed out to get another picture with Santa as gifts for the grandparents.
 Enjoyed some pretend fourwheelin' while waiting to check out.

I didn't even coach her.  She crawled up on his lap and did the pose all by herself.  My big girl.

Two days before Christmas, we went with my family to see what my mother dubbed a "puppet show" at the UNC campus.  In reality, it was a movie of puppets (think Pinocchio without the animation)

Isla June made it 10 solid minutes.  And then she was done. 

On her way out the door, she hollered, "bye bye Dragon!" to a silent room full of about 100 peeps.

"Baby needs medicine in her eye"
After breakfast and present opening, we headed out for a family hike through the woods in Mimi and Papa Kenny's neighborhood while the Turkey finished cooking.

My adventurous-not-scared-of-anything little girl...

Christmas Night cuddles.

2 days after Christmas, Mimi headed back to Myrtle with us.  Mainly because she couldn't take the thought of a quiet house just yet. :) 
We took her to one of our favorite places, The Aquarium!

The perfect end to the perfect holiday season.


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