Monday, July 8, 2013

Turning 3 means celebrating for 2 whole weeks

Becoming a mother has meant so many things: discovering the absolute depths of sleep deperavation,    accepting the overwhelming responsibility of putting someone else's well being above your own, getting over the fear of cleaining up poop, and creating life-long, deep-seeded, stir the soul memories for my children.
I take that last one pretty seriously.  So seriously that I threatened my husband with an all nighter in his garage with his air compressor and a bag of ballons.  


Because, well, this face?  Makes it all worth it.

Her sweet smile of excitement knowing that all this fuss is for her.
Oh, Little Girl, we would blow up a million ballons for you.

We found her a new lovie blanket full of tags, because tags have become a favorite thing.

And a trampoline from family?  Well, birthdays don't get any more special than that.

Isla June's birthday fell on Father's Day this year.  So, that meant a special breakfast made by momma for my two favorite poeple.  Because I'm trying to be the type of person who can put my love into cooked food.  I'm thinking this means it will taste better.

And since this was daddy and Isla June's day, they got to pick our activity.  
So, of course, we went to the pool.

And came home to do more jumping.

Daddy did have to work, but we met him later for fair rides and special treats.

I really hope that she will always look at birthdays as full of special surprises.  

And continuing the traditions, her 3rd Year Birthday Video.  This one was lots of fun to put together.

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  1. love the video, IJJ is just too adorable...what a unique young lady...sending love and kisses


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