Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

This little holiday seemed to sneak up on us quite quickly.  
I guess that's what life with a newborn can do to you.  
Three weeks before Halloween, I asked Isla June what she wanted to be for Halloween.  
She proceeded to tell me she wanted to be a witch.  

Great!!  We already had a witch costume at our house and my mother-in-law ran up to Target for a witch's hat.  
done. and done.  I felt like super mom.  Yes, I can have a preterm baby and be prepared for holidays!

But, knowing my daughter, full well, I continued to ask her this question about once a week.  Just to make sure she wasn't going to pull any surprises on me.....

Me: What do you want to be for Halloween?
Isla June: A Zombie!
Me: What!?!?  I thought you wanted to be a witch?
Isla June:  No, I want to be a Zombie and eat your brain.

Um.  ok.  

I kept asking and kept asking hoping that she would change her mind back to being a witch.  
Even the night of the holiday, I actually pleaded with her to please just wear the witch costume.  
It was simple.  It was available.  
She refused.

So, at 4 pm on Halloween night I ventured out to find something I could put together to make my sweet little girl become a zombie.  I even stopped to find zobie make-up.  
Traffic was horrible, the baby was crying and I was unshowered and a little bit frazzled.  
But, I was determined to let me daughter have the halloween outfit that she wanted.

When I returned home, Isla June promptly announced that she was, in fact, NOT going to be zombie.
Because, really.
Her excuse was that she "didn't want to scare her friends."  
How could I argue with that?

Thankfully, we had some old costumes laying around and she chose, instead, to be a pumpkin.

We had friends come to our neighborhood for trick or treating.  
It's gated and quiet, plus the neighbors were quite excited for our little crew.  
Perfect for the crowd ages 5 and under.

A Pumpkin in a party hat.....

Everlywas a little pumpkin as well (kind of).  
She spent the whole night nursing and sleeping in the ring sling.

A fun first holiday as a family of four.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I am so glad you are continuing to post, I am sure time is limited with your 2 girls. Love Everly's name, by the way!

    1. thank you for continuing to read along, Sara! I am trying to find time to post, but that is proving quite difficult these days. I hope to atleast be able to write once a week from here on out.


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