Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Birth Story of Everly Ann

This story actually begins the night before.
My midwife had just announced that I would need to be induced in the morning due to very high levels of protein in my urine. (yuck, right?)  She was amazing.  She came and sat with us for an hour, answering any questions that we had.  
She insisted on performing an ultrasound, which I was a little hesitant on, but I knew it was for the ultimate well being of the baby.  We checked the level of amniotic fluid and it looked great.  Jeremy requested a gender check, but she refused. 
Good woman.
We found out that I was already at 3 cm dilated and about 50% effaced.  It looked like this little bean wanted out sooner rather than later anyways.  
And then we started talking induction.  Specifically how we were going to go about it.  And, like most midwives and patients of midwives, we wanted to go the natural route first.  

That meant Castor oil.  
Thankfully, my midwives (I had 4 as part of the birth center) had good experience using a special concoction of Castor oil, almond butter, champagne (yay!) and something else that I don't remember.  
It has a 90% track record of bringing on the contractions.

Jeremy was under strict orders to have me drink the shake starting at 5 am the next day.  
My semi regular braxton hicks contractions had almost completely stopped due to the fact that I had been laying down for over 24 hours straight.  In general, this is probably a good thing, but I was nervous because I wanted my body to be prepared for labor.  
I was terrified of pitocin.  
And terrified of an epidural.  
Most people think I'm crazy that I actually managed a 40 hour medication free labor with Isla June.  But, the thing is, large needles in my spine actually scare me more than excruciating pain.  
I can control the pain.  I can't control the needle.

I headed into the shower.  While in there, I had a little pep talk with the baby.  Letting her know that we needed her out.  As quickly and as painlessly as possible.  
I was hoping she would listen.  
(I'm saying "she" now, but at the time we didn't really know for sure what gender we were going to get!)

Then I ordered dinner.  At this point I was a little sick of hospital food but I knew I needed something to get me through the night.  Plus, with my condition, it was especially important for me to get some protein in me.  
Two hours later, no dinner.  My nurses found out I hadn't eaten and proceeded to have a freak out.  They called the kitchen and proceeded to ream them out about not delivering my food.  The manager agreed to bring up what he had left as the cafeteria was closed for the night (and had been for the last 30 minutes).

At this point, I cried.  I really had been so brave up until now.  Keeping all of the fear and uncertainty hidden away and really relying on faith to know that God had a plan.  
But, was not feeding me part of the plan?  

I told my husband I couldn't manage to eat stale, leftover hospital food.
I needed chicken wings.  
So, the dear sweet man that I married headed out, into a city he didn't know, to find his hormonal wife some sauced chicken.  That guy.


It was a rough night of sleep.  The hospital bed had started to take it's toll on my neck and I was just, in general uncomfortable due to the large basketball strapped to my abdomen.  Maybe my nerves kept me awake too.  
I knew I needed to rest.  I had a marathon to run in the morning.  
But, it seemed as though I watched the clock every hour.  And I eyed my special drink waiting for me in a nearby cooler.  

Right at 5, my nurses arrived to check my vital signs.  
And hubs prepared my concoction.  It wasn't as bad as I had imagined.  
And then again, it was.  
It was too sweet, too thick, to bitter, and it left a terrible aftertaste in my mouth.

For some reason, hubs was under the impression that I had to finish it within a 30 minute time frame.  
I think he made that up.

A random nurse arrived to insert my IV line.  
One of the reasons I wanted to avoid the hospital again is purely because of that IV line.  
Needles are not supposed to stay in our bodies.  

I got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face and got dressed.  
I may have put on mascara.  I don't remember.

Then, I threw up.  
A. Lot.

I guess that's what happens when you drink copious amounts of castor oil in a short time period.

My labor and delivery nurse came to meet us and take us down the hall to our new laboring room.  They picked it out especially for me.  Staying in the hospital for two days means you make friends and get special privileges.  Plus, all the nurses loved Hubs.  He was quite the hit of the floor.

My midwife arrived.  A different one from the day before.  
"Funny meeting you here", I said.  
She laughed and proceeded to comment on how crazy and ridiculous is was to have me in the hospital suffering this condition.  Nobody ever expected this.

She checked me and I was up to 4 cm and about 80% effaced.  
I was thrilled seeing as this was the place I was at when we were admitted to the hospital when I had Isla June.  But, I had already been in labor at home for over 24 hours that time.

I was already having contractions (the castor oil worked!) and figured that I had less than 9 hours to go before we met the baby (if things progressed as they did last time)

My contractions were very manageable at this point.  I had to breathe a little bit through them, but nothing too severe.  My midwife brought a birthing ball over and I was able to labor a little bit there.  Jer left to get me some food (there was some confusion in the kitchen because the doctor put me under strict liquid orders but my midwife was trying to have those lifted so I could get something in me) and my nurse stayed with me to talk and distract me.  
Things were good. 
I was happy.
I was progressing quickly.

Then the doctor came in.  He saw my blood pressure reading from this morning.  It was crazy high (like 160/90), but it was during a contraction so my midwife let it go.  
The doctor was NOT letting it go.
He insisted that I get in bed and be hooked up to magnesium.  immediately.
My midwife agreed to put me in bed, but wanted to wait on the magnesium.  She knew I wanted this as drug free as possible.

continued in part 2..........

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