Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 { A Recap}

This post could also be titled, "All the things I should have blogged about but was too sick and tired to do".  So, to make up for that I've created this brief recap of 2013, if nothing except for my own reference of this crazy year in our lives.

The beginning of the year was spent building our house.
Oh, and I vomited.
A. lot.

And we announced our big news

Little girl became a biker chick (only riding in our gated neighborhood to the pool with a helmet on at all times)

We spent most of the spring going to festivals, picking strawberries at the farm and learning to sleep in a big girl bed.

This was the summer of road trips….

And weekly beach days with daddy.

Or we would hit up the neighborhood pool.

This summer also meant turning 3!

And all of the celebrations that came with it.

We made an epic trip to Tennessee with family.

and met our newest cousin….

We finished up the summer building at Lowe's,

riding carnival rides,

and going to baseball games.

Little girl also had her first haircut….

The Fall brought exciting things like starting Preschool for the first time

and birthday celebrations with daddy.

and expanding belly's.

But, it also brought scary things like Preeclampsia.

But then we met our sweet newest addition to the family, albeit a little early.

And introduced our two little girls to one another.

We were blessed with 6 weeks of family to help us transition and recuperate.

And we began to learn how to be a family of four.

I cooked my first ever Thanksgiving meal.  It was Gluten, Soy and GMO free for my precious family.

And I made my first ever homemade costume for Isla June's Christmas Pageant.

2013 has been full of so many ups and downs.  I'm so glad I made it out alive!  
I'm looking forward to settling more into our new house, growing as a family and finding that gentle balance in motherhood that I so often seek.  
I hope to be back here more as well.  

Welcome 2014, you already look so, so good.

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  1. Thank for the pictures we really do enjoy all that you send us and we love you all ,wishing you a happy New Year . Grandma and Grandpa Young .


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