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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Expectant Parenting Classes

Jeremy and I attended our first Expectant Parenting class at the Women's Center at High Point Regional Hospital. We were both late (me 15 min. Jer 30! oops!)
When I first walked in they were talking about nutrition, so I kind of felt silly being in the class, like maybe it was a waste of time. I mean, I know about nutrition, even if I don't always want to follow the recommendations.
Anywho, the class continued to include labor signs and symptoms. We even watched a video on labor and delivery. Let me just say, horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. First, I regretted actually looking at the video because this is one area that I don't feel the need to know all about, at least not the gory details. Second, I began to wonder about the women in the video. I mean, when asked if you want your entire labor and delivery videotaped, showing every intimate body part at a very unflattering angle, who actually says, "Yes, sign me up!" I think Jeremy was traumatized.
But, all in all, I like that we went to the class. It made me feel like we are accomplishing something in terms of getting ready for the baby. Plus, it's something we are doing together, which makes it even better. We have a class every Monday in the month of March. Next week, we discuss C-Sections, I'll keep you updated.


  1. I did not see a full on video of birth and I do not know what Michael what have done! The hardest thing that I saw on video which scared me to death was watching a woman get an epidural! The C-section video cartoon also freaked me out. Good luck with next week!

  2. Thanks! Jeremy didn't get to wear a sympathy belly like Micheal did. I was really hoping for this!


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