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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's in my shopping cart....

After some requests and finally remembering to bring my camera along to the store (as well as my mother for help), I've compiled a long list of items that end up in my cart every month.  
This shopping trip occurred at Costco (who in no way sponsored this post). 
 It's my favorite go-to-fill-up-the-house-with-good-stuff grocery store.

Almonds aren't super cheap (I think this whole bag was something like 9 bucks),
 but you only need a handful a day so this bag will last a long time.  

Pasta Sauce for My Turkey Spaghetti or Eggplant Parmesan.
 I prefer organic because of the tomato base, but sometimes we just go with what we've got.  
If you can't do organic, make sure the ingredients list is short and full of real food.

I always keep at least one case of this on hand.  
You know, in case of the apocalypse or something.
(*update- I now make my own chicken stock)

I'm not a huge Quinoa fan but it's good stuff for filler during dinners.  Plus, it's gluten free.  
Maybe I just need some good recipes.

When we've had enough of the Quinoa, we use rice.  
If you're going to do rice, make it brown and organic.

I don't use this for cooking, mostly for seasoning or coating a baking dish.

My favorite put-in-everything seasoning.

Good for cleaning and cooking

I only use this for cleaning. 
 If you want baking soda to cook with get the aluminum free kind.

This huge bottle lasts us forever.  
You're gonna want the real stuff.

Great peanut butter alternative.  I've heard that people with peanut allergies can do almond butter.  And it's good stuff too!  Even better, almond butter doesn't need to be organic (unlike peanut butter)

If you're going to do corn chips (because they are gluten free), they need to be organic.  
Organic corn is supposed to be GMO free.

Again, if you're going to do something tomato based, it needs to be organic.
I use this for the chicken salsa recipe

Our one processed snack.  Thankfully they are using sunflower oil instead of canola now.  
Makes me feel better about Isla June eating them.
(*update- due to GMO ingredients, these are no longer a part of our snack routine)

I keep this on hand for when we run out of almond milk or for cooking

The only juice we use.
 I stick with cranberry because it's shown to be beneficial for the urinary track.
Make sure to read the ingredient label for 100% juice and NO High Frustose Corn Syrup.
We always mix with water.  No straight juice in this house.

Ohhhhh, butter.  How I love you.  We probably go through one stick a week.  
Butter, like any dairy products, should be organic.

See?  I'm not perfect.  
We love sausage.  And as much as we eat it, I can't afford to make it all organic.  
We all do the best we can.

6 cartons of almond milk lasts us 2 weeks.  
Although I want to get away from the Silk brand as they aren't supporting

Kiwis don't need to be organic.  
So, here's a great affordable fruit for your family!

If I get Salmon it's always from Alaska.  We have fish 1-2 times a week.

Love these things.  Sweet Potatoes don't have to be organic either.  

This is the way I keep my husband's sweet tooth under control.

To hide in my spaghetti

These go in our gluten free pancakes and are also a prefect snack for a teething baby

For salads and breakfast shakes

bananas don't have to be organic!

And pineapples can be conventionally grown and eaten as well!
(also, if you dont' know how to cut up a pineapple, here's a simple tool to core it)

conventionally grown clementines are ok, too

and so are avocados.

This bucket lasts us about 2-3 weeks.

Organic turkey is so hard to find and is so expensive.  
So, we only have this about once a week.  

The best price I've found on Organic Chicken!  
We always get the thighs and I try to find the most expensive package because that means it has the most meat in it.
(*update- I now buy the whole Organic Chickens to make myself)

Onions are good for everything. :)

The only thing I forgot to take a picture of was the Organic Flaxseeds because we already had a full bag at home and they were out of Organic Eggs that day.

And that's that.  It was a very full cart and cost about 250 bucks.  This trip contained most of our staples.  
I hope that this helps you next time you're at the store to put something new in your cart or to just feel good about what you're already buying.

Anything you think I forgot?  


  1. That is VERY close to my Costco shopping cart! The only other things I get are the organic eggs, organic half/half, organic chicken breasts (lower in fat than the thighs), Enfamil, and Muscle Milk Light protein shakes :) And do I have some quinoa recipes for YOU!

    1. Yes! I had a feeling our carts would be VERY similar :) . No organic eggs on this trip because they were out. I may have had a small temper tantrum in the dairy aisle about that. And if we ate ground beef, this is where I would most likely get it. You're one of the big reasons I found a Costco when we first moved here!

  2. This is super helpful! I did not even know costco had all that organic stuff! I also did not know sweet potatoes dont have to be organic. Why are regular potatoes so bad but not sweet potatoes?

    1. Love me some Costco. I think the thing with sweet potatoes is that they don't need as much pesticides when they are grown. I'm not sure exactly why. I think if you can get and afford organic it's best, but it's nice to know there are some things you can get more affordably. Plus, those fries are awesome!

  3. Thanks for posting this, I had no idea Costco had so many organic items. I am going to have to look harder the next time I go!

    1. Yes! I was shocked when I first went but it's ultimately what made us members there. Hope it helps you shop!

  4. Loves this post!!!! We've been debating about which bulk store to join, and you helped me make the decision;) So helpful to see specific brands and pictures! We would be shopping buddies if we lived closer;) Thanks for reading your posts!

    1. Glad I could help,Megan! And shopping buddies sounds divine...if only. :)


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