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Monday, December 3, 2012

What We're Doing Differently When it Comes to Supplementing

Many who have followed this blog from it's inception know that I am a big fan of supplements.  I actually tried to attempt to be a non veggie eating vegetarian throughout college by supplementing my diet with, well, supplements.
Let's just say that didn't really go well.

All of my research lately has led me to conclude that supplements have a place in our food regimen, but shouldn't be the center of the show.  It all starts with a clean, healthy diet and then adding what's needed from there.
I've also really started working on simplifying our supplements.
So, without further's Isla June's vitamin regimen

  1. Cod Liver Oil-  Full of DHA, EPA and Omega's.  Plus it's packed with Vitamin A and D.  Much more of a "whole" supplement instead of just using an Omega 3,6,9.  Having a diet high in animal soluble oils (Omega 3's) is vitally important to balancing out the high amount of  plant based Omega 6's that are running rampant throughout our food system. The proper balance of Omega's in our system is vital for healthy teeth and gums and bringing down the inflammation in the body (among many other things!)
  2. Children's Multi Vitamin- I can't bear to stop giving Isla June a multi vitamin, but I only give her a half dose.  This is a new vitamin for her as I discovered her last multi contained Fructose.  Not the worst thing, but I wanted to find something better.   This one is full of the B vitamins and C.  I'm a big believer in liquid vitamins as well.  Better absorption into the system.
  3. Kefir- One of the best things I have ever introduced into our supplement regimen has been this Coconut Kefir.  I'm not even sure I can call it a supplement because Kefir is kind of just a food source.  Kefir is filled with hundreds of thousands of good bacteria.  Even more than most probiotic supplement in pill form.  A regimen of fermented foods (like Kefir) are a huge part of healing the gut.  Since including this in our daily routine, Isla June is more able to handle any gluten, or dairy that creeps into her diet.  
  4. Vitamin D-  This is my travel vitamin.  All three items above live in our fridge, so when we are on the road, I take the travel size Vitamin D with me.  And on exceptionally rainy weeks, we take this along with the Cod Liver Oil.  *Vitamin D is a vitamin you can overdose on, but we are all chronically low in it.*

And that's it!  Really.  That's all there is to Isla June's vitamin routine.  
She gets all three of these in the morning and then we are done for the day!  
Well, not really because the rest of her nutrients come from the food she eats (I don't want to leave that important part of this equation out)

Want more information on these supplements?  
Great reading about this topic can be found here and here and here


  1. Hi! How do you give the cod liver oil to your daughter? I imagine you have to hide it in something to mask the fishy flavor. Thanks!

    1. She actually takes it straight. It has a lemon flavor so it's not too bad. But, I've heard of people putting it in oj for their little ones.


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