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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Braxton Hicks????

So these "early labor contractions" are a bit confusing, at least to me. In our Bradley classes, one of the girls who is two weeks behind me was telling me about her doctor's appt.s where she is hooked up to a non-stress test (I think?) 2x a week, and the machine tells her when she is having a contraction. So, since I wasn't feeling these yet, and there's no way that Dr. Dorn is going to hook me up to a machine 2 x a week, I asked her what they felt like. She said that it was a pressure that started at the top of her uterus and was like a squeeze. Then, another girl in my class who is 2 weeks ahead of me said that she has had them, and they are in the lower part of her uterus and it's a tightening sensation. Then, I asked a friend at work if she has had them (she's 2 months behind me) and she said that her's, in her first pregnancy, were like a pinch, "down there". So, I've gotten a lot of different opinions on what these things feel like and maybe that's because they are different for everyone???
But, I think I may have started having them. I do get the tightening around the lower part of my abdomen. For the longest time, I just thought that this was the baby pushing on me, but now it is more pronounced and the whole bottom half of my tummy tightens up and I have to catch my breath a little bit. So, I'm calling this feeling my Braxton Hicks. I told Dr. Dorn about this and he said, "yeah, maybe they are." So, I'm let to my own conclusions. Not going to worry though. Maybe it means that Baby J will want to come out of his/her nice warm home after all.

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