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Monday, August 9, 2010

New Parents make mistakes...

And we've made a few (no one told us about this early bedtime thing...). But, I've yet to be caught without my diaper bag or a change of clothes for baby while running errands, and we haven't actually dropped the baby yet or left her outside of the car and driven away (there's still time, I know). But, last night was a perfect new parent blunder.

We were at dinner with Jeremy's dad, Jaquie(his wife), Joel (the uncle) and Marina (the Uncle's girlfriend). We had Isla June in her car seat (becuase most baby's love sleeping in their car seats right...), but she quickly started fussing, so we took her out to soothe her, and her Nana insisted on holding her. Isla June quickly fell asleep in her Nana's arms and was content.
Now, many of you parents may have gone to a restaurant and they offer to flip over a high chair so that you may place your car seat in it so that the baby is propped up to table height. Well, our carseat didn't really work in this contraption so Jeremy just kindof set it in there cattywumpus to get the carrier out of the way. Then, I'm not sure if he bumped it or if gravity was in play or the teetering of the car seat was to blame, but the whole structure- car seat, upside down wooden high chair- fell over and the carrier tumbled across the restaurant floor. Jeremy jumped up an apologized profusely to the people who were walking by and almost hit by the contraption.
I, on the other hand, laughed hysterically, I mean, tears were coming out of my eyes. Jeremy picked up the carrier and high chair, and while apologizing to the other customers, realized the looks on their faces...complete horror. They thought that there was a child in the carrier as it sailed through the air!
"No baby, no baby!!" Jeremy assured the patrons.
They all looked relieved. We probably traumatized them.

Isla June, enjoying dinner, NOT in the car seat.

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  1. Two favorite things about this post:
    1. That adorable picture of her - such a sweet little face!
    2. The use of the word Cattywampus. I am going to be using that word today!


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