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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Plah!

As you will notice in the previous post, Isla June is holding a little pink bracelet. And, as some of you may know, Isla June may or may not be teething- we have a whole heck of a lot of drool and chewing going on. So, during the outing on Saturday, I had to consider what I would bring with us for her to mouth. Now, we absolutely LOVE the Sophie Giraffebut I didn't want to risk having her drop on the ground (do you know about my germ issues???) or (gasp!) get lost in the crowd (I mean, she costs 20 bucks! But sooo worth it). So, I hunted through the closet and remembered this gift that I got from Jacquie (Jer's step-mom, Isla June's nana). The Oh Plah! is a plastic bracelet (PVC, Phalate and BPA free) that is safe for baby to teeth on and is pretty handy and easy to keep around. Now, I must say that when I was first given this gift (sorry Jacquie) I wasn't quite sure about it. I'm not a jewelry person, much less a plastic jewelry person. Plus, I KNEW I was going to be a dedicated Sophie fan. But, when an early teething baby entered my world, fashion was out the window! Now, I LOVE this thing. It goes with us to the store, on a walk, EVERYWHERE. And now I have to get another one for JeJe-she loves it to! I just love how Isla June can hold onto the bracelet herself and that it entertains her. Trust me, it's great. Fashion statement be damned. Hi, my name is Meagan Jenks and I wear plastic jewelry for my baby to chew on. And I don't even care....she's happy and so am I. So, thanks Nana! For knowing better than me.

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