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Thursday, February 9, 2012

1 Green Thing v.2

I'm back with our second installment of one green thing.  excited?  Let's just say yes. okay? 

Over a year ago, I shared an article in this post to address chemicals in the house.  The fact that they are linking exposure to chemicals to cancer is quite scary.  And now that I don't use that stuff in our house, I can see why.  Anytime I smell bleach or another chemical cleaner I literally feel lightheaded.  My body just isn't used to them anymore (which I think is a good thing). 

In our house, I've streamlined our cleaning to use three products: baking soda, green works and vinegar.  That's pretty much it.

not sure why I took this picture in the bathroom.
 Oh well, here's a small glimpse into our bathroom at our condo.  And no, I'm not in charge of the decorating.

and for everyone who says that green cleaners are expensive, well, let me break it down for you
  • HUGE bag of baking soda - around $6.00
  • BIG ol' Clorox Green works- around $10.00 (and it includes a sprayer)
  • GIANT bottle of Vinegar- around $5.00
so for around $21.00 out of pocket, you can clean your entire house for about 3-4 months (maybe longer, I'm a bit of an overuser of product).

The baking soda is great for scrubbing the tub and for use in the washing machine.  I also use it in our disposal to help ward off those kitchen odors.  Vinegar can be used in very similar ways (bathroom, kitchen and laundry).  And I use the greenworks for everything else (except for wood, for that we use Murphy's oil, it's 99% natural and cheap too!  I probably should have put that in the picture as well.)

Make one change at a time.  I know it can be tough.  I had to walk away from the bleach as well.  But, it's the best choice I ever made for my family.


  1. also don't forget the Liz uses Peppermint oil in her baking soda for a tangy fresh fragrance..I imagine any natural oil fragrance could be used, you know I love lavender...

    1. Very true! I typically use Thieves drops. I guess I was just trying to keep things as simple as possible!


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