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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let's Eat! And Make it Allergy Free....GIVEAWAY!

is..... vickigraff

And the winner of the Kiwi Magazine subscription is....

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw me excitedly post about the new cookbook that landed on my doorstep thanks to the wonderful people with Kiwi Magazine's Allergy Friendly Food for Families.
As a family that deals with food allergies everyday (Isla June is soy, gluten and lactose intolerant), I had my eye on this cookbook ever since I received an email announcing it's release date. 

But, here's the thing, I'm not a cookbook kind of woman.  I've got tons of them on hand, I just don't like them.  I think it's the whole reading through tons of pages of ingredients and becoming frustrated while struggling to find something reasonable and manageable to recreate.  So, as excited as I was about reading the Allergy-Friendly Food for Families cookbook because of what it could mean for my family (new healthier recipes, broadening my go-to meals to more than 5 dishes, etc.), I was a little nervous that I was stepping into a situation that was going to be full of drudgery for me. 

But, by the time I got to the second page and read the forward from Robyn O'Brien, founder of Allergykids Foundation, I was determined and excited to use this book in order to best serve my family. 
She said,
The landscape of childhood has changed.  In the last several years, we have seen jaw dropping increases in the rate of allergies, autism, ADHD and asthma....there has been a 265 percent  increase in the rate of hospitalizations related to food allergic reactions. 
And as we work to protect our food allergic families from the hidden dangers that foods can present, a growing numbers of us are finding our ways into the kitchen in an effort to prepare foods that are both safe and nutritious for our families. {that's me!!} ...When my youngest child had an allergic reaction one morning over changed.
And in learning to cook, I realized that we can take the fear out of food and make it fun.....I've also learned that the most important ingredient in any recipe is love.
And remember, while none of us can do everything, all of us can do something.

That last part got me.   I can do something.  That's my goal, everyday, to do something that helps my family.  Reinvigorated, I dove right into the book ready to find the perfect recipes for my family.

I loved how the cookbook was set up into categories: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Snacks, and Parties.  A perfect way to head straight to the section you need.  Plus, there were pictures!  Glorious pictures to motivate and inspire me as well as to serve as a little tummy eye candy.  I was even more delighted to see that most recipes were less than 10 ingredients.  Whew!  I can handle that! 

Two of the recipes I picked out were the good-for-you nachos

which Jeremy has now requested 3 more times.
And, the brown rice pudding.

Which is now a family breakfast favorite.

And it gets better, the book also includes little hints from experts for eating allergy friendly, cooking with kids tips and metric conversions and equivalents.  This book has become my cooking bible! 

And I think it could become yours as well.  Even if you aren't feeding a family with food allergies, this cookbook could be an integral part in just helping you to cook healthier meals.

The people at Allergy-Friendly cooking and Kiwi Magazine are giving away 1 copy of Kiwi Magazine's Allergy-Friendly Cooking for Families to one Green Motherhood reader!

Just leave a comment telling me if you have a family member with food allergies or if you are just interested in getting back into the kitchen (make sure I have a way of contacting you) and you'll be entered to win.

Bonus:  I'm also going to give away a free subscription to Kiwi Magazine to another reader.
So you have a chance to win the cookbook OR the Subscription!! 
We'll have 2 winners! 

I'll announce the winners next Friday (6/22)

Can't wait to see if you'll win?  Purchase your own copy HERE
Check out Kiwi Magazine online HERE
Allergy-Friendly Cooking HERE


  1. I've been wanting to pick your brain on this subject. Celia seems to be very sensitive to what I eat (I have been lactose free since you suggested it at 2 weeks and am gluten light and soy light). We obviously do our best to consume only organics for her too. With food looming in our not so distant future, how did you find out what IJ was allergic to? Did you stick to the old one food at a time method or have a panel done on her? Either, the book seems great! You know how I love my food!

    1. Hi Alex! I would say cut out the soy (sorry). From what I've read, most soy nowadays is genetically modified and none of our bodies are able to process it. We discovered Isla June's food allergies mostly through trial and error. But then they were confirmed through our naturopath. When you start Celia on solids, you will be able to tell what upsets her or not! The book I reccomend most for starting solids is "Babyled Weaning" This would be a great cookbook for your family!

  2. people at my workplace have food allergies so this would be good to give me ideas for potlucks

    1. Hi Gail! That sounds like a wonderful idea! I think that it so caring for you to cook for your coworkers!

  3. i have celiac disease so i need to be gluten free. So far i am the only one in my family diagnosed although i suspect others. My Grandma is dairy free

    uclangel422 at yahoo dot com

    1. Hi Denise! I'm so sorry to hear about your Celiac diagnosis. I hope practicing a gluten free diet is helping you heal your body. This cookbook would be great for your family!

  4. I cook! And Reese is lactose intolerant which has caused the hubs and I to adjust our eating, as well. I never thought I'd enjoy almond milk, but it's really quite tasty! XO

    1. I didn't realize Reese had a lactose sensitivity. Glad y'all discovered it. We love almond milk too! I'm desperately trying to find coconut milk as I think that would be a great alternative too!

  5. I was lactose intolerant as a girl and it sucked! I was either horribly sick or feeling left out. Thankfully, I outgrew it.
    My husband has ADHD and though we are healthy eaters, I've been wondering if changing our diet more radically would help him.

    1. Vicki, I'm so sorry to hear that you found your lactose allergy to be so frustrating. I hope that Isla June doesn't experience the same thing; I may be coming to you for advice in the future! Glad to hear you outgrew it.
      Changing the diet may help, it's definitely worth looking into.

  6. I was lactose intolerant as a kid. It sucked. I was either sick or feeling left out.
    My husband has ADHD. We eat healthy food, but I've been wondering if changing our diet would help him.


I love your comments!

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