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Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Green Thing v.7

It's another green thing.  And this one is so super simple.  Although, it may involve some purchasing.

As some people are aware, the big thing right now is plastics.  As in, get rid of them.  The tupperware/take-along/lunchware items that are made from plastic (whether it is classified as a 1, 3, 4 or 6) are pretty affordable and convenient but they also pose quite the health hazard.
The connection is about heating the plastics which causes them to leach chemicals.  Specifically BPA, but I've recently read that even BPA free items are not free of concern either.
(This article goes more in depth into all the other places you can find BPA and what to be aware of)

So, for my family and my peace of mind, we have resorted to using glassware for everything.  My favorites are Pyrex and Corningware brands because of their affordability and they come with lids (I need lids).  But, there are so many options out there.  
We have many different sizes that are perfect for lunches, leftovers, cooking and reheating.  I like the fact that I can heat up our meal via the microwave or the oven in the same dish I stored the food and all without having to dirty another plate.  So this helps mamas who are sick of all the extra dishes too!

Like I said, this "Green Thing" is very simple and you probably already knew it, but I think sometimes we all need that little reminder.  
So here it is.....get rid of the plastic.  ;)

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