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Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Favorite Teething Remedies: Getting Teeth Stinks


We've been through a lot with this little lady.  First the bouts of colic, the all night pacing of the halls. 
Then, the food allergies.  The diapers that involved were almost as bad as the midnight zombie walks.  Both issues were solved with natural remedies (PROBIOTICS! and eliminating dairy, soy and gluten).
So, when we started the dreaded teething, I didn't reach for the Tylenol.  I had been through enough to realize that over the counter medications aren't going to be the best choice and that there may be a better, more natural way for her body to handle these milestones. 
After all, God gives us this stage for a reason.
Now that Isla June has 20 pearly chompers, including the dreaded Incisors, Molars and front Bugs Bunny teeth, we've been through the storm and can live to tell about it.
This is what worked for us (and what didn't):
  •  Amber Teething Necklace - My first go-to for any teething baby.  We absolutely swear by ours.  I ordered it for Isla June when she was 7 months old and she's yet to take it off (because when we did she would start the fussing).   
Amber works by acting as a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic.  The oil from the Amber is absorbed through the skin, which is why most children wear the stone around their necks- closer to the teeth.  If you're going to order one (because you should!), make sure it is from a reliable source and it is light Amber.  Buttery in color is best.  The lighter the Amber, the more potent.  Also, make sure it is from a reputable dealer.  You want the real thing.

  • Razbaby Teether- We were fans of the Sophie in our house.  She was fun and pretty, but she wasn't so super great for the teeth.  Maybe Isla June just didn't like chewing on her cute face. 
Surprisingly, Little Girl was able to get by with just hugs for most of her teeth, but when those two year old molars came in, she needed something.  While digging around in her drawers one day, she found an old medicine pacifier.  And she loved it.  We called it her "Plug" and I laughed about the fact that she hadn't used a pacifier in over a year and a half, but now she wanted one.  I thought it was a phase.  But then, she kept asking for it.  So I decided to find a suitable replacement: enter the Razberry Teether.  It's BPA free, non-toxic and made from medical grade silicone.  You can even put it in the freezer.
  •  Humphrey's Teething Tablets- I know a lot of people swear by the Hyland's teething tablets, but they just didn't work for us.  With Homeopathy, you have to remember that every one's body chemistry is different.  What works for someone elses baby won't necessarily work for yours. 
The Humphrey's were a life saver for us, though.  I'm not exactly sure about the difference between Humphrey's and Hyland's, but they did the trick.  Plus, they have less sugar in them.
 *tip: get them at your local CVS*
  • Chamomilla-  I keep Chamomile on hand all the time.  It's my go to for fussy baby, teething baby, won't sleep baby, every time.  We've used the pellets from Boiron, but these Camilia droppers are the best.  And, Amazon has them one Subscribe and Save. 
What about Teething Gel? We never used any kind of teething gel because there can be very adverse reactions to it, epsecially for children under 2.  As well, it can impair other functions of the mouth if you accidentally get it on your baby's tongue. 
But, there's a natural way to make your own!

*I'd love it if you would share what worked for your baby or toddler in the comments.  We've all been through this stage and sharing how we got out of it is the best way to help!*
Another great resource for teething information- The Mommypotamus


  1. I'm wondering if you've had any concerns about choking with the amber necklace... personally, I think they're a great idea, but I recently read this:

    I'm not a fan of the "What to Expect" series at all, but I'm curious what you think?

    1. I can see how people, at first glance, think its s choking hazard. But, a well made necklace has each bead individually strung and knotted so that if the necklace breaks the beads will not fall off. And, the clasp is a screw. Isla June has never taken hers off and we've never had a problem with it. It's also short enough that its not something she notices. I would definitely recommend supervision with it until you're comfortable with how your child handles it.
      Good question! Hope that helps!


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