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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random Thoughts

Now, I've already posted a warning about how I am going to share too much information on this blog, so if you get offended easily, bypass this post.

As my pregnancy is progressing, and so are our labor and delivery classes, I've begun to think about some important things- like birth.
At times, I find myself realizing that I'm not just fat with really bad indigestion, but I have a baby inside of me (seems crazy that you could forget, but trust me, it happens). And then I start to think about the fact that I actually have to get this thing out of me somehow. That is still a concept I am working on, and I think Jeremy is too. A lot of our conversations have begun to circle around the whole delivery aspect as it is very soon approaching. I'm actually hoping for the " I don't care what you do, just get this thing out!" feeling. I think it will take the mental questions/wanderings out of the way (does that make sense)

Most random thought ever- While walking through Walmart yesterday, I cut down the aisle for Depends (you know, the adult diapers) and I actually thought," wow, if it wasn't so gross, I think that would actually be great right now". Disgusting, I know. Sorry for sharing, but I am at that point where I feel like I have to go to the bathroom all the time (especially when I am up and moving). I feel like I spend a majority of my day running to the bathroom, which is very difficult when trying to run errands. Plus, I still hate public restrooms, I don't think that's ever going to change.

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