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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Wants out?

Well, I can't officially say anything, but things have definitely changed around here. I've definitely dropped, I can so tell (as of yesterday!). And, I'm having contractions, ones that stop me in my tracks. And they are coming very frequently. Mostly it is the uterus tightening, but it's more intense, and some craming is accompanying the frequent uterus contractions. This started yesterday and has slowly progressed today. I'm not moving as well and there is a bit of a waddle. Plus, the pressure has increased.
I wasn't so active yesterday, so I'm not sure if I can blame it on that. We had a busy Friday- worked all day, went to the daycare to work on my practicuum hours, went to the doctor and came home to get the house ready for our company. Julie, Travis and the kids came in town and we went hiking in the woods with them, went to Mexican dinner and played putt-putt. We came home, bathed the kids and watched a movie. It was really good to see everyone, but maybe all the moving and shaking on Friday caused some of these symptoms to increase. But, like I said, Saturday wasn't so busy. I only left the house to go to IHOP with the family....
Today was busy with errands and gym, so maybe that's why I've felt more conractions. Who knows! I'm at the point where I don't know what makes the baby want out. We'll see!

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