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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby hasn't budged- week 38

So I've had 2 doctor's appt.s since my last post, but since they are sooo uneventful, I have nothing really to say about them. Blood Pressure continues to be very normal in the 120s over 70s. Pulse is very normal. Weight has been steady at 30 lbs the past 2 weeks, so hopefully that means I'm done (although the scale was broken at the Dr's office yesterday and I did a little jump for joy). When starting this game 30 pounds seemed like a crazy number, but it's funny how easy it is to gain. I guess I'm ok with the number, it's average and in the healthy range for growing a baby and being able to support your body with breast feeding. I'm just ready to get my body back. I mean, I wonder if I could ever look like this again....

And to think, I used to criticize and analyze my body everyday. Now I know what it can do and I promise I will appreciate it every day from here on out (especially if it can slightly resemble this again!). Please remind me if I ever forget.
But, I digress- back to Baby. Dr. Dorn says heartbeat is good, baby feels good. Still small. He estimates Baby Jenks to be in the 7 lb range at full term. My belly is quite big, so no one believes me when I tell them this. My principal actually said last week, "There's no way that baby only ways 7 lbs!". Thanks, thank a lot. I'll try to get pictures for those of you who don't see me everyday so you can gawk and gasp.
Yesterday I told Dr. Dorn that I don't feel the baby move like I used to. It's less frequent, sporadic and more of a pushing than kicking. he said that this was normal as there is less room in there for baby. And I've read that he/she may be sleeping a lot during this time. I also talked to him about this weird swelling I would get at the top of my abdomen (under boobs, above uterus) that comes and goes and is a little uncomfortable. He said it's probably my bowels as they are squished in there too and this could just be them reacting to the pressure. Lovely, I know. Jeremy and I were actually saying the other night that it's amazing the things we feel comfortable talking about now that we've seen multiple full frontal delivery videos. I mean, anything that was once sacred is gone- we've been ruined, sorry. I promise to at least whisper when in polite company.
Mom always asks me if I think I've dropped, and I have no idea. But, when at my one of my workout classes this week (I still make it to 2 a week), an older black woman came up to me and asked me how much longer I had and I told her 2 weeks. She said, "Oooo, I don't know if it will be that long, you've already dropped." And since I listen to everything that older black women say (it must have something to do with my favorite nursery school teacher who used to rock me everyday), I believe her! We'll see. I must say that everyone's predictions about the sex, delivery date, etc. are quite fun and are keeping my spirits up during this waiting game.
So, Dr. Dorn is now officially out of town and if Baby Jenks comes before the 21st, he will not be there to catch him/her. I'm a little nervous about this because, as much as his laid back, whatever attitude drives me crazy, it is very calming. But, as the good Dr. said, "baby's will teach you that there's no reason to make a plan, they come when they come." Oh, another bit of advice from the Dr. when I told him that it was driving me crazy that he wasn't do pelvic exams (which I totally support for my health and the baby's health in the long run, but I'm in the whiny pregnant lady stage). Him - "What would change if I told you that you were 4 cm dilated right now?" Me- "I would at least know that we were headed in the right direction." Him- "And that is?" Me- "Getting this baby out!" Him- "Well, let me reassure you that in all my years of medical practice, I've never had a baby not come out." This is what I deal with- Jeremy loves it. And to be honest- it's probably the best approach in dealing with me. So, we are waiting and waiting and waiting. I'm going to slow down on the tactics I've been using to try and speed up the process. Obviously none of them have worked....but, maybe I want to wait a week to have Dr. Dorn in the delivery room. We'll see. It's all up to Baby Jenks. If baby does stay put for the next couple of days, Jeremy and I are going to try and meet up with the family in Charleston for the family vacation that we managed to have the worst timing for.
So, this long rambling post include most of the updates.
Here is a brief synopsis:
No baby yet
No, I don't know if I'm dilated, effaced, dropped, whatever.
Baby Jenks is very comfortable in his/her house.
Thanks for all the support- we're almost there.

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