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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crumbs in the bed....

As I am now over 37 weeks pregnant, we are entering the realm of D day fast approaching. I mean, it could come at any time and we have to be prepared! Which is really weird to think about. But, with being this close to D day, a few things have crept up on me.
1) Swelling- my toes look like little sausages and even my sneakers are tight. Not what I expected. I even had to take off my wedding band last week (I can still wear my engagement ring, thankfully. I really don't want to look like an unwed pregnant lady).
2) Bathroom trips- I'm at the point where I go to the bathroom and then feel like I need to go again right when I stand up. My mom got me a prenatal cradle/belly band, and this does help a lot with this feeling. It;s really bad at night though
3) Braxton Hicks Contractions- They are all the time! Especially at night and they wake me up. I'm practicing breathing through them though to help for the real thing. Baby Jenks butt is on the right side of my body, and when the uterus tenses up, it sticks out my side. This has caused my right side of my abdomen to be sore- almost like I'm bruised internally!
4) real contractions!- Jeremy and I went to the movies on Sunday with friends and during the movie I was having Braxton hicks the whole time. Then, I got the sensation of cramps. Just like menstrual cramps. I didn't think anything of it until I realized that I wasn't supposed to be feeling those any more (at least not for the past 8 months!). So, I leaned over to Jer and mentioned that I might need some water after the movie because I was feeling some cramping. He immediately jumped up and ran to the concession stand (paying 4.50!) for a bottle of water. I guess he's not ready for Baby Jenks to come out yet. Then, when we were walking to the car (to get ice cream!) I stopped in my tracks from cramping- it was really painful. I'm not sure if it was from sitting for 2 hours or what, but it was a wake up call. I told Carson that I didn't care if I was in labor, I wanted ice cream even if we were on our way to the hospital!
The cramping has subsided though and I only feel it mildly about once a day.
5) My big tummy- For some reason, my stomach maxes out at about 4:00 everyday and won't let me eat any more without feeling extremely uncomfortable. It's so weird. But, I'm still hungry! And, if I don't eat, the nausea comes back. So frustrating. Then, I lay down in bed around 9:30 p.m. and I get hungry. So last night I had to tromp downstairs at 10:00 for some toast, and the night before I ate a slice of pizza in bed, which is where the crumbs in the bed are coming from. I guess when I lay down it makes room in my stomach and it starts to growl. And if I don't eat, Freddy will kick me all night (He/she hates being hungry).
Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy. I must say, I have enjoyed the miracle of life and experiences of growing another human inside of you. It really is a gift from God. But, I am very ready to have my body back. As I've told a few people this week, "I hope Freddy's done cooking soon because I'm done being an oven!"

So, bags are packed and Carseat is installed in the car. We're as ready as we are going to be.

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