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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can you sign mommy?

So, over labor day, Jeremy and I spent time with a family we love, hanging by the pool and attempting to relax. During this "attempted relaxation time", Natalie Norcross and I discussed babies and baby things! Natalie is expecting a little boy in October, and like me, loves to read anything and everything baby. She had a little book that I soaked up (while soaking! Ha!)

I love the idea of teaching Isla June to sign, and I loved reading this book! I've used sign language in my classroom with my students for learning and communication purposes (colors, animals, alphabet, simple conversations). So, I've got some experience in it, and I knew I would incorporate it into our time with Isla June, but leafing through this book made me even more excited. Momma/Mimi bought me this book(see right) that has a lot of great and easy pictures. But, it doesn't really offer a "plan for implementing", just a brief explanation of signs to teach. I really like it, but if you're new to signing, I would recommend the Signing 1 2 3 book.

Here's some info about the benefits of signing with your baby-The ability to communicate is one of the most important bonds between any two people. Teaching baby sign language provides babies with the ability to communicate before they can speak and strengthens the bond of love and trust between you and your baby. You are likely to feel closer to your baby once she begins to speak because she can now communicate with you. If she can communicate with you earlier, then the bond between the two of you will be strengthen earlier. Each time your baby uses a sign and you respond, you share a common world of perceptions and experiences and the connection between you and your baby becomes stronger.
Teaching baby sign language to your baby allows you to share your baby's world without waiting for her to speak. You are likely to be surprised by what your baby sees, hears and feel. She is looking at the world for the first time.

But, here are a few quick signs for those of you who want a quick reference for a couple of signs instead of reading a whole book!

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