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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lets talk Diapers

As any new parent can attest, diapers become a large part of your life, monetarily and time-wise. This especially infuriates Jeremy as he hates to buy or spend money on anything, especially something that is going to get pooped in and thrown away. It's his thing I guess.
But, this morning I found the most amazing deal ever! I love (as does the rest of my family), and I'm already signed up to get Seventh Generation Wipes (for 9.40 for 5 packs!), and we are finally running out of diapers (we were blessed with over 15 packs from family and friends). So, I decided it was time to start scavaging for deals.

Step 1: Shop around- I must note that I also checked out the grocery stores and and they weren't as cheap.

Step 2: Compare- I looked at Seventh Generation and Huggies Organic, and discovered that the Seventh Generation are cheaper (39.99 for 160 compared to 41.10 for 144).

Step 3: Look for discounts.- If you sign up for Subscribe and save, right now they are offering a 30% discount!

Step 4: Find coupons- I found a coupon in my Parents magazine for 20% off on Diapers from and realized that it had expired yesterday-boooo! But, then I thought to look in the new edition for Sept, and they had one in there too! Yay! 20% off!

So, here's what my bill looked like at check-out

Seventh Generation Stage 2 diapers 160 count 39.99
30% off for Subscribe and save - 12.00
20% off coupon from Parents magazine - 8.00
Grand total! 19.99!!!!

Can you believe it?!?! That's less than 13 cents a diaper! Jeremy was so proud of me. And I must say, I was proud of myself. I've become quite the frugal shopper, and I'm starting to love couponing!
Now, some of ya'll are probably saying, "I can get diapers that cheap anytime, I just buy the storebrand diapers and they save us money." Very true. I agree that we are probably paying more for diapers than if we just bought whatever was cheapest and on sale. Jeremy and I just had a big discussion about this the other night as he didn't understand why we couldn't just buy the cheapest bulk diapers at Sam's Club (they don't carry Seventh Generation or Huggies Organic). So, here's my opinion and research on the matter and why I choose to spend the extra money:
1) Seventh Generation diapers are Chlorine Free- Do you really want Chlorine on your baby's bottom 24 hours a day?? Dioxins present in regular disposable diapers can also be absorbed into the baby's skin and compromise her health. Chlorine-free diapers do not expose baby to these cancer-causing dioxins.
Here's the Seventh Generation Blog where other parents have commented on why they chose SG
2) Chlorine Free is better for the environment- as a diaper breaks down, the chemicals inside become a part of the ground water and can be ingested by animals or humans.
3) Isla June is yet to have any sort of diaper rash, bumps, irritation at all. From what I've read, this isn't so with a lot of babies who wear Huggies(regular) or Pampers. It has even come out recently that the new Pampers are causing open sores on the bottoms of infants!! I cannot imagine a product that causes the skin to tear open out of irritation. And I couldn't imagine exposing my sweet angel to that- she's never worn a "regular" diaper-not even in the hospital, we brought our own.
We really would prefer to use cloth diapers, but for right now, we are sticking with the more natural disposable. Feel free to let me know your opinion on the matter.

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