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Friday, November 5, 2010

A little Light Reading

As someone who likes to do a little research if I'm not familiar with something, I plunged deep into baby books. I read about pregnancy, childbirth, baby development, baby sleep and more baby sleep. So, here's a little book report for you..

What to Expect...A must read. Definitely recommend.

Belly Laughs
This one is great. A fun read with somewhat informative chapters. May not be what you want to know about, but still, very funny. Just don't think about the fact that now she is divorced and her son has autism (I'm a debbie downer, I know).
And that's about all I read about pregnancy. I figured out really fast that you can't do or change much about what's going on with your body. I did read one book about all natural childbirth, and I read one book about The Bradley Method of childbirth.
The only breastfeeding book that I read was given to me by our hospital. It was written by the Lactation experts there, so it's great. I would recommend finding a good breast feeding book if you are planning on going that route.

The Baby Whisperer...
A good read if you are interested in scheduling with your baby. Read before baby gets here so that you are ready. I don't recommend the breastfeeding chapter though. Definitely don't take those words to heart, but everything else is good. This is similar to Babywise, but takes a simpler and softer approach.

The Happiest Baby
Another good read and highly recommended by a lot of parents. A little monotonous after you get the point of the 5 steps, check out from the library if you can, this isn't one you'll need to reference much, but the principals are sound. Swaddling and helped us get through many a night.

Baby 411 Love this book! It was (and still is) my go to guide for parenting. It's where I found out about the probiotics that have been a life savor for us and answered a lot of sleep issue questions. The only thing I don't like about it is the chapter about vaccines. But, it's written by a doctor, so she has to tout the vaccines. Other than that, I love this book!

The Baby Owner's Manual... good for dad. Jer liked reading this (I think!) and it put taking care of baby into guy friendly terms.
So mommy's, anyone else have a "must read list"?

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