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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feed Me Momma

So, like I said, we've introduced solid food. And like everyone knows and expects, we did pureed and organic baby food, and even introduced rice cereal (Whole grain, organic, no GMOs GEIs, etc). But, it just.wasn't.working. Isla June hated it and I constantly felt like we were battling over who got to hold the spoon, how much was going in her mouth, and even getting her to open up and TRY something. It was not a good experience. And the last thing that I wanted was for Isla June to have a bad experience with food. I mean, it started out so great, she loved this new little thing called purees, and wanted to try whatever I gave her. But then, we came to a screeching halt. 

Around Christmas time, she wouldn't try ANYTHING. I even have a video of her attempting to eat pureed carrots at Christmas dinner that went horribly array. And, I was constantly feeling like a bad mother because I wasn't keeping to the feeding schedule (introducing them every 3-5 days (or something like that...), feeding her every night, etc.). I have to say it.just.wasn't.working!

So, I started to research. And I came across this book called:

And I kind of liked what I was reading about this book. And I liked the positive comments about it on Amazon. I mean, it kind of sounded like me. I'm not the cooking type. And making and pureeing baby food was a whole lot like cooking (but if that's the way you want to go, Allison has a great tutorial). 

 I liked the idea of giving Isla June something of what I was eating. I mean, that's what she wanted anyways. She seemed to hate being served something different from what we were having on our plates and was constantly trying to reach out and grab our food (with zero interest in what I was offering her). So, I decided to try it (after reading most of the book, of course).

And I have to say, it went great.
 Such a relief. 
 She loved it, and I loved that I wasn't battling it out with her. I just gave her some food, and sat back and enjoyed my own food (well, I watched and fretted a little bit, worried that she might choke). But, she did great. I loved watching her explore and wonder about the food, experiment with it and really enjoy and notice what she was eating. It was such a different experience for her (and me!). Instead of just opening her mouth and waiting for me to put a spoonful in there, she was the one controlling this experience.
 I was thrilled.

Loving on some broccoli.

Enjoying some of mommy's Pineapple

Since we eat organic-ly anyways, this really has been super easy. She's had (all organic when available) chicken
Green beans 
whole grain bread
She always tried everything and eats it all!
I must say, this method is very messy. But it's such a great experience! Along with eating, we are working on other things like sensory development and fine motor development. I love it, and I know Isla June does too.
But now, anytime I'm eating something, Isla June INSISTS on having some too. She is so demanding....

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