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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nursery Update

As promised, here is what the room is looking like right now. I still love it. Not too much has changed and we haven't added a whole lot, but some things have been modified.
I moved the mirror over the dresser down and added some ribbon to help balance out those walls. And I put a plant in there to help keep the air nice and clean and fresh. Plus, Jer added a new ceiling fan! The old one was real broke down. This shelf has Isla June's baby feet, given to us from the hospital. Her PawPaw's baby plate and cup given to Isla June by my dad and step-mom, and the little girl figurine was mine from when I was a baby. It says, "Dear God, Mom says I'm an Angel, does that mean I can fly?"
These shelves were transferred in her from the downstairs half bath. They are the perfect compliment in her room. The plate and cup were Jeremy's when he was a baby. The tarnished cup is from Jeremy's baptism (so it's over 25 yrs old and needs a good cleaning!). The new silver cup is from Isla June's baptism (given to her by Gramma Lee), and the Porcelain dolls are from Jeremy's Aunt Jean's collection. All of the girls in the family received one.
The picture frame on this self was given to Isla June from Natalie and Carson to celebrate her baptism, and they gifted her the so cute Tooth Fairy doll that I can't wait to use! (ok, I can stand to wait). The painting was done by a woman in the Junior League with me.

Isla June already has such a wonderful library. I hope/know she will grow up to love books as much as her mommy and daddy do.

We got Isla June a new Sisal Rug (all natural fibers-better for baby!) And the small rocking chair was passed down from her Papa Kenny.

And as noted earlier, we had to get an organic crib bumper as she was a little daredevil during bed time. The crib mobile is from Target and such an awesome purchase! I don't know what we would do without it. Isla June can turn it on herself, she loves it!

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