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Monday, January 9, 2012

30 things before it happens.

I'm not one for resolutions.  Despite having attempted some in the past, they just don't work for me and when I am unsuccessful,  I end up beating myself up to the point that I feel like a complete failure.  So, yeah, that doesn't work. 
On a similar note, I'm not one for bandwagons.  Or hype for that matter.  I'm more of a sit back, watch, and see how it all plays out kind of lady. 
But, after realizing/ accepting that I am actually 29 years old and the days are ticking away til I'm in my 30's (that's the it  I'm talking about), I realized that maybe, just maybe I need to do something to light a fire under myself. 
So, this isn't a list of resolutions, nor is it a list of trends.  Let's just call it a "why don't you just do it already!" kind of list detailing all the things I've been talking about/dreaming about/wanting for that I am finally going to publicly announce so maybe it will force me to actually get out there and experience it.  It's not a perfect list, and hey, maybe it will change a little in the coming weeks, but I've only got 8 1/2 months left, so I better get to work.
  1. Send out my holiday cards      (because I need a small marker for success to get the ball rolling)
  2. Learn how to use my new sewing machine    (possibly take a class!?)
  3. Make a pillowcase dress with my sewing machine
  4. Read the entirety of the bible     (I did this once when I was 10, but it was a youth bible, so I need to do the real thing for once)
  5. Read my daily devotions    (and daily means everyday. Jesus Calling and I would totally recommend reading along if you are so inclined.  It's awesome.)
  6. Take the perfect most-wonderful-it-makes-me-smile family photo
  7. Take a Bikram Yoga Class     (doesn't everyone want to do this??  I need to get back into the practice, and I thought this might be a good jump for me. plus, I don't mind sweat.)
  8. Get a facial at least 2 times this year     (ok, this is the "I need to take better care of myself" part of this list.  I don't want to turn 30 and actually look 30)
  9. Color my hair really, really blond  (because, why not!??)
  10. Get a spray tan (yes, this is vain, but I just want to try it.  not sure if there is an organic option or not.)
  11. Buy a new pair of "wow, these make me feel great" jeans
  12. Run a 5K
  13. Bench press my weight   (this might be a stretch, but I just want to try!)
  14. Squat 1.5x my weight
  15. Learn how to cook a turkey
  16. Take a shag dance lesson with Jer
  17. Potty train Isla June  (I realize that this has very little to do with me, and is more about her choice in wanting to be potty trained, but I would like to see this happen)
  18. Teach Isla June to sing her alphabet
  19. Teach Isla June her colors and shapes   (I should point out that we will be doing tons more than just this, but it's a small marker for our future)
  20. Go to NYC with the hubs
  21. Go Kayaking
  22. Go Camping
  23. Attempt surfing (again)
  24. Learn how to shoot a gun   (yes, this granola hippie wants to shoot a gun.  I'm a bit of a walking dichotomy)
  25. Write our will         (not fun to talk about, but needs to be done, pronto.)
  26. Start Twittering
  27. Build our house
  28. DIY something for our house
  29. Pay for a stranger's meal
  30. Be more giving
I think it's going to be fun.  After making this list, I realized that I'm excited to be living purposefully.  I'm a bit of a planner/scheduler, and as a mother, it can become so easy to be sucked into the schedule and natural cadence of the day.  I'm hoping that this list can inspire and motivate me to branch out, live more and prove myself to, well, myself. 
I promise to share almost every step along the way.


    1. Love the list. I am turning 30 this year also and if I had a list it would look pretty similar to yours, though you would need to add- decide whether to have a 3rd child or have hubby get snipped! Love your blog, have a great day!

    2. Thanks for reading along, Sara! I say, yes to baby number 3! But, I'm a sucker for big families.


    I love your comments!

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