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Thursday, March 1, 2012

1 Green Thing v.4

sorry this is so fuzzy.  It's the only picture I have of her pack and play with the mattress.
 And no, she doesn't normally sleep with all that crap in her crib!
This one green thing has been in our life for quite awhile now, and I never blogged about it.  For that, I am so sorry, because it has been such a life saver for us.
Isla June's crib has an organic cotton mattress (that is amazing by the way, sometimes I think of sneaking in there with her because she's got the most comfortable bed in the house!), but at her Mimi's house (or Gramma Lee's or Aunt Lizzie's or anywhere we travel), she sleeps in the pack and play. 
I guess I should rewind and use the term sleep very loosely, at least in the early days.  Most nights, while we were at Mimi's house, she would sleep for maybe 2 hours total and then end up in bed with me.  She just wasn't making it through the night in that thing (like she was in her crib, even at 9 weeks old).
Plus, I really didn't like the idea that she slept on an organic mattress at home, but when traveling she was on the standard old whatever-comes-in-the-box-I-have-no-idea-what-this-thing-is-made-of mattress/board in her pack and play.  (Here's why I find that to be so worrisome)
So, to remedy her non sleeping and my mothering anxiety, we ordered her this

It's an organic Portacrib mattress.  And it's great.  The first night we used it, she slept the whole night.  THE WHOLE NIGHT!  Yeah, I was sold.  Now we don't go anywhere without it. 
Seriously, it's amazing.  And I am so much more at ease knowing she isn't sleeping on a bunch of potential toxins.  And I'm getting a full night sleep.  That's a happy mommy.

P.S. we also ordered this organic mattress for the bassinet.  She slept on that from 2 days old until 5 weeks.  We loved it too!

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