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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adventures in Thrifting

 I love shopping for Isla June.  Like every mother, it's a fun little activity that I have to learn to refrain myself from.  That's where consignment stores come in.  I love being able to pay 1/2 or less than buying something brand new (that often is brand new and never worn).
But, I found out this week that I do have limits.  I'm all about bargains, and I had been reading all over the Internet about bloggers, specifically big bloggers, finding major steals and deals at their local Goodwill.  And after hearing some good things about our new, local Goodwill, I thought we should try it out.  But, after 3 minutes in the store, I just couldn't do it.  I mean, the place was packed, so a lot of people are enjoying the store (which I think is great), but it just wasn't the right place for us.  I'm not sure if it was the fact that nothing was organized by size which made it very difficult to shop or the fact that I wasn't really finding the brands that I prefer.  Maybe it was both.  Oh well.  Now I know.  I need my stores, whether they are selling new or gently used items to be well organized.

But, I did score at a local consignment sale.  It was one of those once a year, rent out a warehouse space it's that big, kind of sales.
And it wasn't phenomenal, but I found some pretty cute and original stuff.

Most of it was from the labeled "boutique" section.  Except for the $9 pink dress, that's Gymboree but it was brand new with tags.  And, well, I definitely spent more money than I wanted too.  But, I think I still got some pretty good deals. 
My favorite is the $5 yellow flowers dress.  I thought it looked a touch "vintage". 
If the weather keeps up like this (80 degrees yesterday!), we'll be in these outfits sooner than later.
And then I'll have to go shopping again.

P.S. see other consignment finds here and here


  1. I freaking LOVE that watermellon dress! Oh, how I envy little girl clothes. I feel like there is so much more VARIETY than with little boy clothes. *sigh*

    1. Ha! Yes, little girl clothes are very fun. But, I saw tons of cute little boy stuff there too! Their style is just different, dresses are much more fun than pants!


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