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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Bites

Feeding an opinionated toddler can be difficult.  Add to that challenge food allergies, and it can be a recipe for disaster.  Because I know many moms out there struggle with this (this being the whole picky toddler thing), I thought I would share some of Isla June's meals.  They are mostly lunches and a little bit of breakfast, and it's all gluten, soy and milk free.  So, yes, it is possible to feed a toddler who has allergies (because I didn't think so!)
  And I must note, I am no cook.  This is me, doing the best that I can.

Gluten Free Whole Meat chicken nugges with mustard dip and kiwis

Guacamole= Avocado+Organic Salsa and tangerines

Turkey Spaghetti and veggies with Brown Rice tortillas (that I make into chips) and tangerines (she's really into tangerines!)

Chicken chilli with organic corn chips and hummus

Gluten Free Honey Blueberry Pancakes (homemade) with almond butter and Organic applesauce

Hummus and brown rice tortilla, organic chicken sausage and tangerines

homemade guacamole with hummus and organic apples

I try to focus most of her meals on a fruit and/or veggie with a protein.  Because she doesn't eat a whole lot of carbs (gluten allergy, remember), she gets most of her "filling up the belly" from protein, so there is always a meat (chick or turkey or fish only) or I use almond/peanut butter or hummus as a protein.

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