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Thursday, May 24, 2012

1 Green Thing v.6

I wanted to share one of our favorite and just so happens to also be the cheapest game ever. 
And, it's green. 
Did you know that most lids, especially water bottle lids, can't be recycled? 
And, lids are a hugely favorite toy of toddlers?  At least for my toddler.

All you need for this game are lids of all sizes but preferably not ones that are small enough to choke on. Clean them as well as you can with soap and warm water. Then let them dry completely. 
The only other item you need is a wipes dispenser.  I've found that the Huggies wipes holder works best.

It's a quick, simple, enjoyable game for little ones that they can play over and over again.

According to Occupational Therapists, placing circular items through a slot is actually great for developing eye hand coordination.
And? it's a great game to distract your little one's when you need those extra 5 minutes to yourself.
a win-win I say.

Do you have any quick and easy games you've made for your little one?


  1. You can also use lids for art. Our elementary school teacher had the kids tape the lid on a piece of paper and let them use their imagination to create something out of it. It could be a body that you draw arms and legs on, it could be a wheel, a cannonball, whatever. My kids loved this! I was walking around with five bottle cap pictures at their art show.

    1. Oh, I love that! Our art teacher at our school always asked for "trash" materials for her art projects. Those art teachers are always so creative! Thanks for leaving another tip!


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