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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Little (Allergy Free) Bites

More Toddler meals. 
I've really gotten tough about her diet in terms of her food allergies.  Religiously reading labels for ingredient lists and recipes wih soy sauce, even a little bit, are out.  Just not an option in our house. 
I have the same 11 dinners that I cycle through on a biweekly basis.  And most of those dinners become lunches.  That's my best way to make sure I have a healthy lunch she will eat.  But, sometimes, she didn't like dinner or she decides she doesn't want to have the same meal the next day.  That's where the hummus and the guacamole come in to save me.  And sometimes the nuggets.  I'm on the hunt for more quick or freezable easy lunches.
 Let me know your ideas!
Lunch: Salmon and Papa Kenny's Green beans (leftovers)
Lunch: Turkey Veggie Burger with mustard dip (this was leftovers)  // Veggie Straws 
Breakfast: Organic Scrambled Eggs with Organic Salsa // Gluten Free toast with Organic Strawberry Jam //
Organic Blueberries
Breakfast:  Gluten Free Granola (made with Brown Rice) with Organic Rice Milk // Organic Blueberries
Lunch:  Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets (from whole meat no additives, etc.) // "dip" aka mustard // Veggie Soufle
Lunch: Sweet Potatoe fries // Hummus // Veggie Chips


  1. What are the Papa Kenny green beans? Coop eats a lot of the same things! Need to try humus again bc he loves to "dip" :) And those veggie crisp look neat.. Tell me about those!!

    1. Hi Amanda! I need to share that recipe, I know. I guess since it's not mine and I had to fight the recipe away from my stepfather for 8 years, I'm afraid if I share it he will kill me!
      Essentially it is sauteed onions with garlic and fish sauce, add the green beans and more garlic and fish sauce, a little bit of cumin and let steam. You can add a little soy sauce if you want, but we don't/can't. They are very good and the only way Isla June will eat green beans now!
      I found the veggie chips at Costco! I love them more than she does. Gluten free and just veggies with sea salt. The only ingredient I it has that I don't love is Canola Oil, but we do the best we can.
      Hope you're family is well, thank you for reading along and comenting!

  2. I love your posts on toddler meals, and I would love to read more about the meals that you rotate through. I am looking to expand the variety of meals my family eats and I like the direction you have taken in preparing meals for your family. Thanks for the great posts, I look forward to them!!

    1. Hi Sara!
      Thank you for your kind words. We're really just doing the best we can as I am a very new cook and trying to adapt to feeding a food allergy toddler. Some of my staple recipes can be found under the Easy Cooking tab. I'm going to try to doa post with the rest of them, I just always forget until after the dinner has been consumed! Ha! Knowing that's what you're looking for, I'll do a better job of documenting and trying to get a post together.


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