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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let's celebrate the Momma's

I was really on the ball this year with Mother's Day.  Having pinned this picture of footed butterflies many months ago on Pinterest, I was inspired to see this thing through.  As much as I would have loved to use canvases for our masterpieces, they just didn't fit into the budget this year.  So, we used painting and drawing paper.  And, I figured that it could be framed if so desired.

I have no pictures of the actual process because, if you can imagine paint and a toddler, and attempting to to make sure that said paint ends up in a specific area, well, you can see that I had no hands free for photographing.

But, after being such a good little girl while mommy painted her feet over and over and over again, I gave her some free reign to enjoy painting in whatever way she so choose.

And after some extra fancy drawing by mommy, we ended up with this...

From what I'm told, they were a hit.

~ ~ ~
Today, on Mother's Day, my dear, sweet husband woke me up with the news that we were headed to brunch.  At the House of Blues! 
They have a Gospel Brunch every Sunday and I was really wanting to try it out.  I hadn't told Jeremy this, but he knows me so well, I guess.

Mimi and Papa Kenny were in town and had the chance to celebrate with us as well.

They served the brunch in their kitchen, which was really a neat part of the meal.  Omelets made to order, fresh fruit, grits, baked goods and all the meat you can imagine.

And good ol' Gospel music. 
We had a blast.

Isla June danced with Papa Kenny and was a pretty big hit of the room.

Such a wonderful and special time with my dear, amazing family.

The Rocking chairs were quite the hit with out little one.

Happy Mother's Day to all the women who love, sacrifice and care for those around her, expecting nothing in return, because that is what truly makes someone a mother.

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