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Thursday, September 6, 2012

One Green Thing V.8

I've been eyeing play kitchens for over a year now.  I don't know if it's the mother in me or the former preschool teacher in me or both, but I just knew we needed some fake food up in this place.
And after cajoling one of Isla June's cousins, we finally acquired a hand-me-down little play kitchen!

*Green Note* Second hand items are more green friendly for the environment because it means that  materials and chemicals aren't having to be used to build a new item and saves old items from filling up landfills.  As well, second hand items have already done quite a bit of  off gassing and that means less toxins in your house.  Plus, it's more affordable :)

Isla June is in love.  She has played with it non-stop since it arrived.  
It was also the hit of our Rockstar Party.  There's just something about pretending to cook up some food.
On a side note, one of the first things our little lady did was to put a whole stick of butter on the stove and a hand full of berries in the blender.  She's obviously been watching me in the kitchen :)

I've contemplated maybe painting it with some no VOC paint to give it a different look (maybe change the pink?), but it works perfectly for us right now.  I mean, she's got stainless steel appliances!

Getting this as a hand me down is such a wonderful gift!  Even used the play kitchens go for a pretty penny.

The only new thing we've added so far are these cutting foods that Mimi picked up at a local boutique. They are Melissa and Doug and such a great toy to practice fine motor movement.  Love them.

To compliment the kitchen, I found this adorable little table and chair set on Craigslist for $20 bucks.  
It needs a little TLC and I'm seriously thinking it needs to be painted (gray? white?), but for an affordable price, it is the perfect addition to our little preschool.

Isla June loves that she has a table to sit at for coloring or playdough or stickers or whatever.  She's taken to wanting to eat here too.  Not sure how I feel about that...... 

If/When I make changes, I'll definitely update!  But, for now, we're just enjoying all the extra independent and imaginative play.  

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