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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Living in a Miniature World

A year ago, I saw my favorite blogging family reveal an amazing gift for their little girl.
A handmade doll house.  Constructed by her father. 
I was in awe.  It was everything I ever wanted in a doll house. 

I asked Jeremy if he could somehow manage to pull this off for Isla June's 2nd Birthday.  But, alas, all of his tools are still in storage.  I figured I would have to wait months/years before I could get this coveted item for my little lady. 
I even checked the always wonderful but tricky craigslist.  No dice. (or very, very expensive dice)

Thankfully, Isla June's Boppa came in to save the day.  I emailed him the plans and he whipped this up in time to deliver it a few weeks before Christmas.


One of my favorite things about it is the removable board on the bottom.  When Isla June outgrows this piece, it can be hung on her wall as a book shelf. 
Multipurpose items.  Gotta love that.

As luck would have it, we picked up an entire doll house furniture set from a local consignment store for a total out of pocket expense of $12.00.  I knew that this was a steal.  Most doll house furniture costs $10-$20 per room
Score one for me.
(this is similar furniture- same company)

Then, at another local consignment sale, my mother was able to find a Plan Toys family of 4 collection practically brand new for only $10. 
It was meant to be.

Many days are spent rearranging the furniture and pretending with the mommy and daddy.  (we have since added a baby to the mix)  I can definitely see this as a toy that will grow with her.
Thank you, Boppa!


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