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Friday, July 12, 2013

It's a Fiesta!

It's official.  
Isla June thinks her birthday is actually an entire month and not just one day.  
I guess with all the talking about it happening, the actually day of, and then the party a week later, plus, the mounds of gifts that showed up at our door throughout the month ("Is that one for little girl?!?"), well, i can see why she sees it that way.

A week after her actually birthday, Isla June's Nana, Boppa, Aunt Abbie and 5 cousins came careening down to the Carolina's in a rented RV.  Just to celebrate with us.  
What troopers.

We showed them a good time at our favorite pool,

took them to putt putt,

and they even managed a beach day in between the rains.  
I was so crazy hectic, but so so fun.

We threw her party on a Sunday.  She requested a Fiesta like Dora.  
So, that's what she got.

All of the decorations are from Target.  Serving-ware is our own stash.  
Party favors: Maracas (HUGE hit!)

Our new neighborhood's clubhouse was the perfect spot.  
Facilities that are already party ready and a pool. yes, ma'am. 

Great friends, loving family and....

A Pinata!  
Now, if you've ever had a kid party and didn't have a pinata, I would say, get one.  
Well worth it to see the kids excitement.

Everyone got a turn whacking.

But, cousin Aidan had to come in for the kill.

We found a local bakery to make gluten free cupcakes.  
With all the chaos of company, I wasn't about to attempt another homemade version.
Thankful I had somewhere local I could call.

Oh, that face.  Love.Her.Up.

The night before, during some crazy cousin dancing, Isla June fell and busted her lip.
That's not lipstick, ya'll.

As a southern lady, I'm a bit opposed to opening gifts at parties.  
Sounds silly, I know.  
But, all the cousins insisted and since they pretty much took over the experience, I just sat back and photographed.  

She's one blessed little girl.  

Oh, sweet cousins.

Not sure if I'm going to be able to top this birthday!  
Atleast I've got a whole year to start planning.....

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  1. what a great family and a super birthday for always sending love and kisses


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