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30 before 30

  1. Send out my holiday cards     
  2. Learn how to use my new sewing machine   
  3. Make a pillowcase dress with my sewing machine
  4. Read the entirety of the bible
  5. Read my daily devotions
  6. Take the perfect most-wonderful-it-makes-me-smile family photo
  7. Take a Bikram Yoga Class    
  8. Get a facial at least 2 times this year    
  9. Color my hair really, really blond 
  10. Get a spray tan
  11. Buy a new pair of "wow, these make me feel great" jeans
  12. Run a 5K
  13. Bench press my weight  
  14. Squat 1.5x my weight
  15. Learn how to cook a turkey
  16. Take a shag dance lesson with Jer
  17. Potty train Isla June 
  18. Teach Isla June to sing her alphabet
  19. Teach Isla June her colors and shapes  
  20. Go to NYC with the hubs
  21. Go Kayaking
  22. Go Camping
  23. Attempt surfing (again)
  24. Learn how to shoot a gun (yes, this granola hippie wants to shoot a gun. I'm a bit of a walking dichotomy)
  25. Write our will        
  26. Start Twittering  Find us HERE
  27. Build our house
  28. DIY something for our house
  29. Pay for a stranger's meal
  30. Be more giving
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