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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Baby Moved???

Last night Jeremy and I attended a concert with some friends in Downtown Greensboro. We went to see The Clef Hangers of UNC Chapel Hill. It's an all male a Capella singing group, and they were wonderful!
If you read my previous post, I haven't felt the baby move yet, at least not enough to notice it. But, last night, I definitely felt something.

During the show, I was feeling all sorts of strange feelings in my belly. Now, typically, I would have passed this off as gas bubbles in my stomach (sorry for the information- it's yet another wonderful thing you have to look forward to during pregnancy), but I noticed the feeling went away after the group was finished singing. And then, it started again when they sang a new song, and it stopped during intermission and started again during the second act. I figured that gas bubbles don't react to music, and it was probably the baby moving around in there! It definitely didn't feel like kicking, just movement. I was picturing baby Jenks bouncing around in a bubble inside my body.

Now, this may have all been in my head. But after the concert, I didn't feel it anymore. So, I'm just going to think that little baby Jenks loves music (which Mimi will love to hear). I can't wait 'till I can actually feel a kick!

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