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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holy Pukesgiving!*

Sorry for the blog hiatus.....but things have been a little hectic around the Jenks household. Last Monday night, Jer, baby girl and I headed up to Columbus, Ohio to spend the holiday with Jer's family. Isla June was feeling better, and I seriously contemplated taking her to the doc for a check-up, but she was acting, eating and feeling fine and hadn't had Tylenol in over 24 hours, so I figured that she was ok. And Jer put his foot down and said we had to go (and that I was being a nervous mother, poo!)
So, things were going great, and then about 30 min into the trip I start to not feel very well....uh oh. I get cold, start to shiver and I feel a little nauseous....I tell Jer that he needs to pull over ( I had made it about 4 hours at this point, give me some credit!). IJJ was crying and fussing and I was attempting to feed her. But, at that exact moment I realized that I needed to vomit, like NOW! (I've thus realized since my morning sickness escapades that it's better to "get it out" than to tough thorough it-TMI, I know.) So, here's me, in the middle of nowhere Ohio throwing up next to a car wash. I mean, really??? But, you know what, I felt better. Not 100%, but a little better. Fever was gone (and so was my lunch). I popped a couple of mints in my mouth and I thought that I could make it. So, back on the road an hour later, Jer starts to feel ill. He's nauseous and starting to get cold (Jer never gets cold). On top of that, baby girl is fussing, refusing to sleep and starting to cry. I mention that maybe, just maybe we need to get a hotel room. Not 3 seconds later, Isla June throws up all over herself. Yep, now we are definitely stopping.
Now, if you've never been sick with a sick baby, then you have no idea. It is the absolute worst thing in the entire world (ok, this may be a little dramatic, but it's bad, I promise). Jer is trying to check us in, but he is no longer functioning, the guy at the desk has to type our information in TWO times because the computer crashed, and my sweet baby is in her car seat covered in vomit while all the people in the lobby ooh and ahh over her. Not fun. So, we finally make it up to our room with ALL of our luggage (I hadn't planned for a quick overnight). Jeremy insists that I turn the heat on because "it's like 45 degrees in here". I tell him that the thermostat says 85. Wow. So, I give Jeremy a choice- he can either clean up the baby or clean up the car seat. He chooses car seat. I tell him he must clean up the baby. (I really didn't think he would do a good job cleaning the carseat....). So as he begins to get baby undressed, he finds an explosive poopy diaper (so THAT's why she wouldn't sleep....) and he immediately ran to the bathroom and attempted to vomit. No luck.
Meanwhile, I got the carseat cleaned, pack and play put together and jammies ready for the night. We got baby girl down (somewhat) and I proceeded to get my husband tucked into bed (fully clothed with extra towels and blankets on top of him, sheesh!) I then went on a hunt to find some water to attempt to hydrate the family. No luck. So, I made us hot tea from the lobby, forced it down my husbands throat (I promise I am a loving wife), and attempted to sleep. Isla June was fretful all night and we all slept poorly, but atleast the next morning, no one needed to vomit (although Jeremy tried, again, during the midnight diaper change.)
Suffice it to say, we made it- just barely, but we made it. I remember thinking, where's the back up? who can I call to help? But, there was no one. Jeremy and I were alone in our misery and we had to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and deal with it. Because first and foremost is Isla June. No matter what we feel like, she has to come first. One big lesson learned here. Oh and a second one is- don't go visit your family when you have the intestinal flu. 24 out of 25 family members vomiting for 2 days. Oops!

*disclaimer- I cannot take credit for the blog title as my brother-in-law, Joe came up with the phrase.

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