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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wholly Poop!

Since starting Solid food, a lot has happened, and a lot hasn't happened. We stuck with sweet potatoes, since the banana/mango/Mimi incident. And I know that Sweet Potatoes can cause some constipation, but I was hoping with the probiotics and breastfeeding that we weren't going to have that problem. I mean, Isla June has never had a problem in the, ummm, well, let's say bowel department. But, after opening her diaper and seeing a piece of, well, poop, I got a little worried. I didn't think starting solids meant adult looking poop (in smaller form), and she was grunting and grunting a lot. So, I got worried.
So, I decided to up the probiotics. I put a huge heaping spoonful in her milk, and in her sweet potatoes. She doesn't really like the taste of it, but I knew I had to get it down her. The grunting had to stop.
And you know what, it worked! I was so excited. Amazing that a bowel movement can excite me.
I had a recommendation to give some apple juice if needed, but I was hoping to start with the probiotics as they help her immune system and are nice and natural. Glad it worked!

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