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Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Green?

If you know me, or been following along, then you should have some idea as to the way we choose to live our lives. We are greenies, closet hippies (I'm not into patchouli though), environmentalists, do gooders, etc., etc. A lot of people are headed in this same direction, including my family (Jer's sister's even use Method cleaners now!) But, I have had some friends scoff at the idea of organic and earth friendly food and products. Many people feel as though it's safe because the government says it's safe and because these cleaners have been used for decades, and nothing is wrong with them, personally.
And I must say, I'm not one to force anything on anyone. This is the way that we choose to live our lives and it is the best thing for us. It brings me peace as a mother to know that I am doing what I can for me and my baby girl. But, we all must make our own decisions and feel that peace for ourselves, no matter what your decisions are.
So, here's just a little article I came across in my KIWI magazine that I wanted to share.
Exposure to conventional household cleaners and air fresheners may double the risk of breast caner, finds a recent Boston University study. Researchers asked nearly 800 women who had breast cancer between 1988 and 1995- plus 720 who never had it- what types of cleaning products they used, and also took other risk factors, such as genetics, into account. The results: Women with the highest reported use of conventional household cleaners )those who used air fresheners more than 7 times a year, mold and mildew cleaners weekly, and all-purpose surface cleaners daily) were twice as likely to develop breast caner than the women with the lowest reported use. "Many chemicals used in cleaners can disrupt the endocrine system by affecting the natural balance of hormones in the body." Steer clear of parabens, phthalates, and nonylphenol or alkylphenol surfactants in favor of products with natural, plant-based ingredients.
I thought that this article put it succinctly and matter of fact. So, now that you want to throw out your bleach, 409, pinesol and scented candles, what do you use now??
Seventh Generation -has wonderful products for the shower, kitchen and laundry room. We use a ton of their products and they have even come out with items for disinfecting.
Trader Joe's- has a line of cleaners and laundry detergent that are based on essential oils for cleaning. Smells great. and cost effective.
Borax- an all natural cleaner that your grandmother probably used. We use this in the laundry (just add in with liquid drawer) and to scrub the bathroom tub and toilet. Great stuff. You don't need AJAX, just this stuff. Also can be used in place of Oxyclean. I put poopy clothes in a bucket of water and borax and all of the poop comes out. Yes, all of it. Amazing.
White Vinegar- an all natural disinfecting agent. Yes, it stinks, but the smell goes away when it dries. We use this in the bathroom and we add it to laundry (sheets, towels, baby stuff) to disinfect).
Thieves Oil- an essential oil blend that dissinfects and smells great! We use this in place of Lysol to disinfect the doors, knobs, beds, etc.
I have to say, I am a converted chemical user. I used to LOVE walking into my house and having it smell like bleach or pinesol (germ-a-phobe, remember?). But now, I enjoy smelling food cooking and my sweet baby. But, if the house does smell a little (we have 2 dogs, you know). I use Mrs. Meyers Lavendar room spray. Minimally though. Another good all natural room/house freshener I've heard of is to simmer orange slices and cinnamon on your stovetop.
Anyone else have some good, all natural house cleaning remedies?

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