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Monday, January 23, 2012

Signing Support

For Christmas, Isla June received a new video from us that was wonderfully beneficial on the 14 hour drive to Florida.  And after watching it for the 458th time, I feel as though I can write an appropriate review of the product. ha.

Many friends and family members know that we are big fans of signing in our household.  I used sign language in the classroom with my special needs and typically developing students and saw how much the use of hand motion involved the children in learning, and helped the concepts to "stick".  So, naturally, using the technique at home has become a part of our daily routine.
But, not all people have the background in sign language that I do, and learning another language can be daunting.  I understand, I'm still struggling with my Spanish.  It is muy mal.

So, if you want to sign with your child, but don't know where to begin I found a great resource!
Signing Time!

Host Rachel Coleman sings and signs along with daughter (Leah who was born deaf) and son (Alex).  Graphics and written words are a part of learning the word and sign as well.  It's colorful, entertaining (without being too stimulating.)  And best of all, it is wonderfully educational.  Isla June loves them.  And in turn, I love them. 
I have taught Isla June 30-40 signs over the course of about a year by just showing her the sign, but the video was able to teach her signs after 2-3 viewings.  I'm sure her previous experience plays a part, but having the video show her pictures and images of the word (such as a bird), she is able to have a much larger grasp of the word than if we just see a bird occasionally outside and I attempt to point it out to her.  But, after viewing the video, she is now looking for birds whenever we walk outside.  We are taking the words and pictures from the video and applying them to our day. 
Unfortunately, the videos are not cheap.  But, I feel they are well worth the investment.* (hint: buy them on amazon for the best price)

You can also find quite a few on youtube!  Here's Isla June's favorite one
Happy signing!

*I am in no way affiliated with this product.  Just a big fan.


  1. Wow, this is really neat. I only ever learned the alphabet and a few other signs, but always wanted to take a class. I think I'll look into these videos.

  2. Hi Amy! The videos are great! If you are interested in signing, I really think you will love them. Good luck!


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