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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Going Green: A Big Girl Room for a Little Girl

I've been thinking about this big girl room ever since Isla June turned 1.  I guess because of the move and the looming thought of her out growing the crib, and maybe the over planner/researcher at heart that I am, I spent two years over thinking this space.
Now, that does not mean that I have everything for it.  By no means am I finished with the final details.  But, the basics are there.  And they are as green and non-toxic as I can afford them to be.

Almost everything is second hand.  That's the great thing about being green, it's actually more affordable when you think about it!  Plus, thrifting has become so chic lately.  
Let's all pop some tags (unless that means some sort of stealing.  This white girl is lost on the lingo).

Isla June's new to her bed was mine growing up.  I love the classic-ness of a rod iron bed.  
This thing should be around for her children.  
Most of my 2 years of growing research involved Isla June's mattress.  Now, her crib mattress was organic.  And we loved it (THIS ONE.Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Seamless Dual Firmness Crib Mattress   )

I knew when we upgraded her that I would want something comparable.
But, here's the thing.  Organic mattresses are ex-pen-sive.  
My plan was to get a second hand twin bed and an organic cotton mattress (THIS one Naturepedic Organic Queen Size Mattress Quilted)
Then, hubs and I got a new king size bed and we ended up with two extra Queen sized ones.  So, it seemed silly to have all these extra beds/mattresses floating around and not use them.

Oh!  The conundrum!

Enter the bed wrapping.

It's an affordable way to make an older/non organic mattress safer to sleep on.  It's main purpose it to keep the chemicals from leeching out and into your lungs while you breath at night.
(more info about toxins in mattresses can be found here)

The food grade plastic had no odor when I opened it (such a relief!).  But, I will say- it's cumbersome.
Took hubs and I some good planning to get it all settled on the bed.  And, it's loud.
As Isla June says, "my bed's a little noisy."
I'm hoping to get an organic topper for it soon to help muffle the sound.  
It's worth the peace of mind for me.

The rest of the room is second hand as well. 
From the craigslist dresser (refinished in chalk paint- no odor!), to the rocker that we kept from her nursery.  The mirror was her Gramma Lee's and was in our bedroom previously.  
Even the lamp lived in another part of the house for the past 5 years.
All of the accessories were in her nursery. 

And, of course, there is a plant and an air purifier in there to help keep her lungs as healthy as possible.

I've got plans for a patterned quilt/comforter for her (in this summer heat, it seems pointless right now) and coordinating curtains.  But, for now the what-we-already-have-on-hand bed linens (washed in vinegar) and the simple black-out shades seem to be doing the trick.

Now, if only we could get her to actually stay in her big girl bed all night!

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